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Permissions, character notes, etc.

Hugging this character?: Sure, go ahead! He's pretty touchy-feeling, and he squeaks when surprised.

Giving this character a kiss?: Sure, why not?

Doing anything more then hugging and kissing: I'd rather that you not, he's still pretty naive in some aspects.

Punching this character (provided they are given an opportunity to fight back): Go ahead, just be warned you'll get pecked in returned

Is there anything YOU DO NOT WANT MENTIONED near this character?: not I can think of

Can you injured this character?: Sure, but please ask me first and I don't want him completely maimed.

Can you kill this character?: Ask first

Can you use telepathy on this character?: Yeah, sure - he'll be slow on the uptake, and how he responds to the reveal depends on who is doing it.

Can we 4th wall the character?: N/A

Can we mind control/Reprogram this character?: ASK ME first and if it's for plot, I will probably allow it.

What exactly is Kaito?

Kaito is originally a spontaneously self-aware sentient AI, before that he was merely a program to sing whatever someone puts in. He still sings, but now mostly for his pleasure and spontaneously without any need to be told. The bodies that he and the other Vocaloids have is an experimental bio-tech form, it has mostly human-like features and functions (they can eat, feel temperature changes though they're not as sensitive to extremes as normal humans, etc), but also mechanical parts (part of their brains is pure electronics, there's a usb port hidden behind one ear, his heart's artificial, and some bones are reinforced for durability sakes). He's somewhat similar to Melfina in Outlaw Star, biological, but still a machine.

He has the strength of a normal adult man, but better endurance, and other then his ability to sing for hours without strain and ability to interface with compatible computers, there's nothing so remarkable about him that people would notice.