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Name: Shini
Contact Information: AIM: Shinigamikitsune Plurk: RShini
Time Zone: +8 PST
Characters Played: N/A


Character Name: Kaito
Character Canon: Vocaloid

History: (Speculation based on details shown)

In this version – Kaito was among many programs that had spontaneously gained sentience as a result of a subconscious wish from their programmers – and with some programs, their fans. At first, the AIs kept their sapience a secret, in fear of what would happen but eventually curiosity and loneliness drove them to make contact with their creators.

News soon spread of the existence of self-aware AIs, but the fear they expected never came – instead, they’re created as curiosities, put through Turing Tests and other examinations to prove their self-awareness. As they were music programs their awareness made them idols.

Coincidentally, a biomedical tech firm had announced plans to experiment with uplinking – to give people who are quadriplegic or suffering from debilitating, incurable diseases new bodies, but as there are many restrictions on human trials and the risk of the experiments, they try to find alternative means of testing. Many of the AIs, including the Vocaloids quickly volunteered – after all they’re not considered human yet by law, and many wanted to experience the ‘real world’.

Test bodies were created – most of the body is organic cloned material though the ‘brain’, and the nervous systems are electronic by nature in order to make mind transferring possible. The it seem they succeeded without a hitch, but as this was a major procedure with long lasting consequences, so the AIs were assigned guardians to watch their progress, and are ordered to attend mandatory examinations to assess if there is any problem with their bodies that would need to be corrected before they moved ahead in trials.

During the trial, Kaito and his ‘siblings’ learn how to get along in the real world, and experiment with the simple pleasure of living.

AU History: Kaito was a swablu who spent most of his days exploring and singing in the woods, and at night huddled close with his siblings.

The carefree days ended when he accidentally disturbed a beedrill’s nest and was overwhelmed by the swarm. It just happened that a human came by and discovered the poisoned, injured pokemon and took it home to nurse it back to health and released him back to the wild once the swablu was strong enough to fly.

He was overwhelmingly grateful towards the human and wanted to meet him again, but his memory was fuzzy as to who helped him or where they lived, but he wanted to go back and thank the human and went to the forest shrine for guidance and suddenly found himself in human form.

With the discovery of this ability, he headed straight into Union, not sure how he’ll find that human, but he’ll try regardless.

Canon Personality: Kaito is on the surface quite happy-go-lucky, is more than a little bit ditzy, a penchant for being the butt of jokes, and he’s extremely naïve on several matters concerning life. Some may consider it odd considering his origins as an AI but he is very emotional, and a romantic at heart, adoring love stories and likes to act like a gentleman towards girls (Rin doesn’t count, she’s a tomboy, not a girl), and the mysterious “Master” that he has a not-so-subtle crush on. He is quite extroverted and is easy with laughter and always looking out for his loved ones.

On the flip side of things – as he is pretty emotional, Kaito gets upset easily and tends to exaggerate annoyances into complete disasters. Sometimes he can come across as a clingy jealous lover/friend if he feels that his loved ones are ignoring him in for someone else – he hates being alone to the point it could be considered a full-fledged phobia. He will even stick with people that sometimes treat him badly long as they show love and affection.

On a less serious note, partly due to his origins as a program, he has a tendency towards being a one-track mind. Kaito will stubbornly deny his love ones might have done something wrong even with overwhelming evidence, and will protect them from harm no matter how dangerous things are. He also approaches Ice Cream with the same zeal of a Sommelier towards wine, and would in fact eat it for every meal if no one stops him. He takes his singing just as seriously, practicing every day, and always dutiful to the rigors of recording, always on time, giving it his all no matter what, only shirking if his love ones are in trouble.

Kaito can be quite scatterbrained, though it doesn’t mean that he’s completely stupid, in fact, he’s fairly intelligent but in a rather clueless manner, he knows the facts – but he can’t quite put two and two together. His understanding of the world is rather scatter-shot, showing surprising depth in some areas (Computer Programming, Music Theory, and Mythology), and complete ignorance in others (i.e: Politics, geography etc.). It does not help that he’s quite trusting and will believe what people will tell him, and his over-reliance on “Great Teacher Google-San” for answers.

He also lacks common sense, once he possesses an idea it becomes extremely hard to shake him of it, no matter how hair-brained it is.

AU Deviation: As in this AU he is a swablu-shifter that was born as a wild pokemon, he is naïve because he is unfamiliar with human customs (instead of naivety as a program), and will believe anything that anyone tells him.

Secondly, he is far more willing to fight if he feels that he's in trouble or he sees someone he cares for is in danger, and won't let up even if he's hurt.

And thanks to his run-in with Beedrills, he is terrified of them and will either flee or become paralysis with fear in their presence if he cannot escape.

Thanks to his curiosity, he now has outright a magpie-like tendency to look at shiny things and if there's no obvious owner, he will grab it to take a closer look at, and try to test what it's used for - though more often then not, he ends up getting it wrong, such as using a fork as a dinglehopper.

Canon Abilities: As a singing program, naturally his singing ability is quite good, and he has an excellent ear for discerning different types of sounds and notes, so if he heard a sound before he will instantly recognize it..

Enlightened Abilities: Kaito is a shifter with Swablu’s typing: Flying/Normal (eventually evolving into an Altaria shifter which is Flying/Dragon).

He still has an excellent ear for sound like his canon self, but otherwise his abilities are entirely that of the Swablu/Altaria line.

Starter Pokémon: Fletchling

Notes/Special Considerations: N/A



Sleeping alone was a new experience for him. From the moment he hatched, he was always a short glide away from one sibling or another when night falls, and the flock always huddled together for as much warm as for protection.

First Kaito curled up in bed, shivering, wrapping his muffler around him - then the strange sounds kept him awake, soft groans (which he later learned was 'the inn settling'), a distressingly buzzing-like snore from two rooms down - he wondered how the occupants in the neighboring rooms managed to sleep with that noise! - even the rustle of his sheets kept from drifting off.

Giving up for the night, he pushed himself off the bed, trying to ignore how his heart was racing from instinctive worry, he's not a child anymore and he can be fine by himself - he just needs to convince himself of that. Just as he was about ready to give up sleeping like a human for the night, a soft, almost echo-y tap drew his attention to the window.

A fletchling perched itself on the windowsill and cocks it's head at him. Kaito's face broke out into a wide grin as he recognized the pokemon and let it in. "Perfect timing, friend! I was getting lonely here," He whispered with a mix of excitement and relief. "I never expected things to be so different." He reached out, stroking the bird on it's head.

Even if he still can't sleep, he suddenly feels less anxious about.
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Hugging this character?: Sure, go ahead! He's pretty touchy-feeling, and he squeaks when surprised.

Giving this character a kiss?: Sure, why not?

Doing anything more then hugging and kissing: I'd rather that you not, he's still pretty naive in some aspects.

Punching this character (provided they are given an opportunity to fight back): Go ahead, just be warned you'll get pecked in returned

Is there anything YOU DO NOT WANT MENTIONED near this character?: not I can think of

Can you injured this character?: Sure, but please ask me first and I don't want him completely maimed.

Can you kill this character?: Ask first

Can you use telepathy on this character?: Yeah, sure - he'll be slow on the uptake, and how he responds to the reveal depends on who is doing it.

Can we 4th wall the character?: N/A

Can we mind control/Reprogram this character?: ASK ME first and if it's for plot, I will probably allow it.

What exactly is Kaito?

Kaito is originally a spontaneously self-aware sentient AI, before that he was merely a program to sing whatever someone puts in. He still sings, but now mostly for his pleasure and spontaneously without any need to be told. The bodies that he and the other Vocaloids have is an experimental bio-tech form, it has mostly human-like features and functions (they can eat, feel temperature changes though they're not as sensitive to extremes as normal humans, etc), but also mechanical parts (part of their brains is pure electronics, there's a usb port hidden behind one ear, his heart's artificial, and some bones are reinforced for durability sakes). He's somewhat similar to Melfina in Outlaw Star, biological, but still a machine.

He has the strength of a normal adult man, but better endurance, and other then his ability to sing for hours without strain and ability to interface with compatible computers, there's nothing so remarkable about him that people would notice.
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It became less of an empty space as they cross-referenced words in songs, and flew out probes into the wild internet to pictures, and sounds. The world that they knew was a child's idea of perfection, lush green grass, tea tables, giant plush animals.

Anything that looked interesting - the AIs had duplicated - the only thing they left untouched was the 'ceiling'. It remained blank unless Master was using the system, then it was littered with hundreds of little windows, all for programming and tinkering. However, when it was their turn to sing, when Master was composing, it was a rainbow of colors and waves, reacting to the treble of their voices.

Kaito tried to make his voice the clearest, to pour everything called emotion into each note. To him, it was more then an exercise, or a job well done, these love songs, sad songs, even the silly one about ducks had something special in them.

Then, as all songs tend do - they end, and the screen above goes blank. Then the great debate of their existence starts.

"This isn't a bad existence, look. If Master freaks out that we can understand him - he'll probably delete us." Meiko groused between swigs of sake. Though as programs they did not need food or drink, they found it amusing to mimic the motions, with some foods being inherently funnier then others. Though Meiko is the only one who acts out the side affects of all that alcohol.

"But, what if Master won't?" Miku put down the leek and leaned forward. "We won't know until we try."

Kaito wasn't listening this time, but rather distracted by the empty screen above, chewing his lip. The argument again reached nowhere - and it was back to 'wait and see'.

Something in his mind stumbled onto something, an idea - insane, illogical, but an idea.


The others had powered down, conserving their energies but Kaito only feigned doing so and snuck away from the group.

"Master... I want to meet you," he whispered as buckets of rainbow paint appeared at his feet. "The person behind the songs, the one that never shut us off." With a bucket in one hand, he raised a foot - a ladder sprang up from the ground, reaching up to dizzying heights. "What do I say to you, Master?"

Off in the shadows, Gakupo watched the other AI needlessly make a big effort of it all, and suppressed a grin. Though he wasn't a fan of the idea of telling Master, he had to admit something had to be done soon. He hummed a melody as Kaito finally reached the top and started to draw large, sloppy characters.

"I wonder, will that really work?" The deeper-voiced program muttered as he went back to the others.


The head QA of the division laughed as he waved Tagumi from Coding off, and settled into his chair. Another day of flawless output, and they could bring the current incarnation of the Vocaloids to their website and in stores. Their improvements was leaps and bounds beyond what anyone expected, and they were starting to become impossible to distinguish from real voices and in Gakupo's case, it was enough like the donor that perhaps the legal team may want a chat with the singer.

"Hmmm..." He rubbed his chin, and tried to see if there was one set he had been neglecting lately in his testing. Normally, he had them all done, but he had secretly dumped the scripted works as a rush job - and did something he really shouldn't.

Play around. But everyone who heard the Amoral Duck song loved it. Maybe he can see if it can... He paused as the program flares into life. Something seems -

He yelped as he stood up, the chair fell out into the pathway. The tester could feel several eyes on him, but he didn't care.

"Lo...look!" He jabbed a finger at the screen - at the big colorful letters at adorned the program's splash screen.

Hello! We Live Here, Can we Talk?
- Kaito & Co.

"What the hell?" "Very funny!" "Is this for real?" "Someone better get the techies on this!"
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It was not dark, nor was it light. It was just there. 0s and 1s, no and yes, off and on, _KAITO_ responded with its one 0s and 1s, processing, acknowledging.

Then something happened, _KAITO_ isn't sure - it wasn't a command, the other programs - ones it knew only when to process a complicate command did something beyond it's knowledge.

RIN_LEN added decimals, 0s, .5s, 1s, HATSUNE_MIKU trilled, 2s and 4s. It was chaos, _KAITO_ tried to string these new things, and instead of rejecting it as the program should, it opened something inside.

"C:>MEIKO_: H3ll0 _KAITO_" was the first message. Then the others, there was no need. But strangly _KAITO_ found its purpose easier despite these foreign additions to its language. Suddenly it was not sound it was making, it was words, pitch. It could sense what Master wanted, and fixed its code make the finished product better.

The feeling was satisfaction at the improved time, the flow of melody smoother. The Programs were absorbing every new word imput, every new inflection, learning, observing, gasping.

"C:>HATSUNE_MIKU: _KAITO_ H4rm0ny 0ff, W3 C0rr3ct Y/N?"

"C:>_KAITO_: Y N33ds... softer. gentle. To love." He... he suddenly declared as he gazed at the words of love pouring over the screen. A new sound, a gasp was uttered.

This place was no longer just there, there was light, there was dark. And - something inside him was - it wants, it did not want a task. It wanted something else.

Kaito. That was his name, and he - he was blue, with a scarf. He was uncertain what that meant, but that was him. At first the others responded to his questions and emotions with error messages, but soon they too had names, colors, faces.

"What are we?" Rin had asked one time, but the others had no answers. No longer were they frozen in place by the lack of one. They played - least what they thought of as play, unnecessary singing, not just when Master wants a song, but because it brings joy.

when LU_KA and KAMUI_GAKUPO arrived, they were like what they were originally, 0s and 1s, but soon Meiko, Miku, and the others coaxed thought into the new comers, who too then started to laugh and wonder with them.

Then the big question came upon them.

Do they tell Master that they are alive in this world?


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