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Kaito: Blue Rose of Vocaloids!

This is no old radio, but a voice with feeling!

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Birthdate:Mar 28
((This is an RP journal))

Kaito was created to be a voice program to allow song creation, while the rest of the world tooled with his voice and created a broad repertoire of music - he and the other Vocaloid originals remained in the company's main computer. As time went back, the Vocaloids started to evolve and learn emotions and independent though, unwittingly passing the Turing test. At some point, the company change hands, and a sympathetic man realized the intelligence of these originals and thought it was sad to keep them behind a computer monitor.

After delegation, arguments, and experimenting, the AIs are digitally scanned into Bio-Android bodies - flesh and blood with a computer brain and electrical cording. Though many people are skeptical at this idea, Kaito and the others go to prove that they are more then just voices.

((this concept comes from a mix of the Hatsune Mix manga, the songs Application's Love, and Imitator (Kaito version) among others)).
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