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[narrative] In the Beginning, the Stirrings of a Dream

It was not dark, nor was it light. It was just there. 0s and 1s, no and yes, off and on, _KAITO_ responded with its one 0s and 1s, processing, acknowledging.

Then something happened, _KAITO_ isn't sure - it wasn't a command, the other programs - ones it knew only when to process a complicate command did something beyond it's knowledge.

RIN_LEN added decimals, 0s, .5s, 1s, HATSUNE_MIKU trilled, 2s and 4s. It was chaos, _KAITO_ tried to string these new things, and instead of rejecting it as the program should, it opened something inside.

"C:>MEIKO_: H3ll0 _KAITO_" was the first message. Then the others, there was no need. But strangly _KAITO_ found its purpose easier despite these foreign additions to its language. Suddenly it was not sound it was making, it was words, pitch. It could sense what Master wanted, and fixed its code make the finished product better.

The feeling was satisfaction at the improved time, the flow of melody smoother. The Programs were absorbing every new word imput, every new inflection, learning, observing, gasping.

"C:>HATSUNE_MIKU: _KAITO_ H4rm0ny 0ff, W3 C0rr3ct Y/N?"

"C:>_KAITO_: Y N33ds... softer. gentle. To love." He... he suddenly declared as he gazed at the words of love pouring over the screen. A new sound, a gasp was uttered.

This place was no longer just there, there was light, there was dark. And - something inside him was - it wants, it did not want a task. It wanted something else.

Kaito. That was his name, and he - he was blue, with a scarf. He was uncertain what that meant, but that was him. At first the others responded to his questions and emotions with error messages, but soon they too had names, colors, faces.

"What are we?" Rin had asked one time, but the others had no answers. No longer were they frozen in place by the lack of one. They played - least what they thought of as play, unnecessary singing, not just when Master wants a song, but because it brings joy.

when LU_KA and KAMUI_GAKUPO arrived, they were like what they were originally, 0s and 1s, but soon Meiko, Miku, and the others coaxed thought into the new comers, who too then started to laugh and wonder with them.

Then the big question came upon them.

Do they tell Master that they are alive in this world?

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